BirdCatcher provides a complete set of tools for protection against
IMSI catchers and active interception systems

  • Location of the hostile device

  • Manufacturer of the hostile device

  • Operational mode of the hostile device

  • Type of the hostile device

  • Identity of intercepted subjects

BirdCatcher provides unique abilities that allow you to attain full control over the situation:


New approach to mobile security

Rather than focusing on safeguarding each and every threatened device, BirdCatcher simply eliminates the threat.
This approach is superior to any other because it addresses the problem at the most fundamental level.
Once BirdCatcher is deployed, a perimeter is set up, ensuring that each interception attempt is monitored and adequately addressed.

BirdCatcher provides:

  • Immediate and simple protection- No special training or installation required.

  • Mobility- BirdCather operates in motion, and can be mounted on a vehicle or an aircraft.

  • Around the clock protection.

  • Protective shield in the operational range.

  • Operation in 2G/3G/4G networks.

  • Defense against simultaneous attacks.

  • Complete undetectability.


Commercial Edition

Protecting residential or commercial locations

Governmental Edition

Protecting strategic facilities
Detecting and locating perpetrators


Birdcatcher was developed by Ability LTD., a company
with more than two decades of experience in providing
mobile interception solutions for intelligence agencies,
military forces, police and homeland security
services around the world.

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